We believe that our unique beach and reef are worth protecting.

It's time to tell our government: DON'T BURY OUR REEF!

Save the Beach AND the Money.

Right now there is a beach construction project underway here in Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, and Indialantic that will bury all of our onshore reef and severely damage the underwater near-shore reef at a cost of over 500 MILLION dollars to taxpayers over the next 50 years. The emergency re-nourishment they are doing now is a tiny project compared to this larger one. The 'beach widening' project will use 15-20 times the amount of material they are placing on our beach this winter. We are committed to organizing an 'all of the above' approach to put a stop to it, and to have our elected officials adopt a new policy that will protect it-not destroy it-for future generations. This policy will be smarter, cheaper, and more sustainable than the current approach. It will mitigate dune erosion, keep our beach clean, and our reef protected.

We are organizing to protect our reef

Video Courtesy of Ian Gronosky Photography

It has begun...

The barge they are parking near the beach is laying concrete 'pads' as artificial reef. This by itself is a good thing, but once this is finished they will truck foreign material in and bury our natural reef and destroy it. We will not stand by while this happens. 

Because no one-not even any one group-can do it alone, we are coming together to form a unified front with a unified message. Our supporters range from beach-goers to conservation groups, from taxpayers to politicians.

Fishers, Surfers, Divers, Shell Collectors, Sea Turtle Enthusiasts, Beach Combers, Bird Watchers, Kayakers-anyone who owns a business that depends on these activities, and anyone who would like to see their kids be able to do the same. We have one thing to say:

"Save The Beach AND The Money."


Beach Nourishment along the Mid-Reach is wrong.

Our beach is unique because of a reef that runs along the shore. When we dump foreign material on the beach, it washes into the water and onto the reef. We think our reef should be protected, not destroyed or buried. All our government has to do is save your tax money, and the reef will be protected. It's a win-win.