Hands Across The Reef

We had over two hundred people come together to join hands in front of Brevard's Natural Reef. We are not going to stand by and let our reef be buried.

We're not just trying to stop something terrible, we are trying to preserve a unique and beautiful thing for our friends and their families, our residents and our guests, for now and for the future.

Organizing Public Support And Raising Awareness

We know that this will not be easy. Right now there is no group whose dedicated focus is the protection of this specific beach and reef. There are many who share an interest in its preservation but they have many places of interest where their efforts are spread. This is a local issue, and therefore requires a local effort. Residents of these beach communities are almost universally upset about these 'beach nourishment' projects, so now is our time to act. We are reaching out to anyone and everyone who shares an interest in protecting the beach. Our primary focus is going to be to get our Mayors and City Councils to stop being silent about these projects and to begin opposing them with all of the tools at their disposal, while simultaneously advocating for a new policy. It's a win-win: They get to help us save the beach and the money, and will be loved and supported for it.

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Developing and Advocating For A New Policy

We are not just a 'No' or 'N.I.M.B.Y.' crowd. We have a better idea. In the long term as structures become threatened or destroyed by storms and erosion, a less expensive alternative to the current disastrous policy is to slowly deconstruct the beach front. This will require our leaders coming together to work out funding sources. One by one as these structures are claimed by nature, we can do more than just say 'too bad' to the people who's homes or businesses these are. We can fight for them too, and make sure they receive proper insurance payouts and government assistance for property loss. It will not be a uniform process, different buildings being different sizes, inevitably there will be conflicts, but this policy is sustainable, affordable, and the right thing to do. The buildings shouldn't have been built in the first place, and the County and our Cities know this. Getting them to change their policy will be difficult and take time, but they represent the voters and this is what the voters want. If we can get the Mayors and City Councils of our beach-side communities on board, we will have already won.

Implementing Environmental Monitoring

If there were adequate study and analysis of this unique stretch of beach, we wouldn't be here. We are partnering with a local non-profit to begin a comprehensive monitoring of the shoreline environment and the impacts of these projects. You don't have to be a scientist to see for yourself that these projects are degrading to the environment, but in order to effectively advocate for a new policy we need strong, independent, and scientific analysis to present to the agencies tasked with protecting our beaches for everyone. 

Naming Our Reef and Having It Protected

As far as anyone knows, the reef that runs along our shore has never been officially named. Naming it and having that name registered will help us in acquiring new legal protections for it. These protections will serve as barriers to projects that degrade what is truly a beautiful and unique feature of Florida's Coastline.

Executing Legal Action

Stopping this project now is going to require an 'all of the above' approach which means that while public support is rallied through petitions, assemblies, letters, protests, and demonstrations of love for our beach, there will be a fight in the court room towards several ends:

  1. Bring to light the process by which such an irresponsible project was allowed to move forward.
  2. File for an injunction against further destruction of our beach and reef.
  3. Sue for damages for past projects to form the basis of a new funding source for a more responsible policy.

There have been numerous rulings in favor of our approach in the Supreme Court on similar projects, developing an effective legal strategy and offensive is indispensable to our effort.

Not Just For Now But Forever

Whether we succeed in stopping this project, every bit that we do now will be a step forward to preventing the next one. There WILL be a next project unless the policy changes. The beach is eroding and it is inevitable that this sand or dirt will wash away like it always does causing a decade or more of destruction to the natural beauty of this place. Save The Mid-Reach will still be here. We will still love our beach. We will still be active in helping to preserve and restore its natural process. We will only become more effective. As inevitable as the washing away of bunk sand/dirt is, so inevitable is our success in pursuing this new and better way forward for taxpayers and beach-goers alike.